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Indonesia :: Kalimantan : Maratua

Maratua is an island with a massive lagoon situated around an hour away from Sangalaki. The island rims part of the lagoon the rest of which is surrounded by coral reef. There are several impressive drop offs and a great drift dive can be done through the channel into the lagoon. The channel entrance is at 27 meters and strong currents sweep by attracting large pelagics such as eagle rays, mantas, barracuda, tuna, mackerel and sharks. Best time to dive the channel is on an incoming or slack tide where marine life reaches a crescendo of activity. Coral growth is not as spectacular here due to the strong currents, diving should also be carefully planned. The island is inhabited hence unfortunately some of the reefs have been fished.

Nabucco is a recently developed island inside Maratua lagoon. It is a good dive spot for critters such as frogfish, shrimps, scorpionfish, ghost pipefish, mandarin fish and nudibranchs.


Depths: 5 - 30m

Viz: 5 - 25m

Currents: Can be strong

Getting there : Boat 2.5 hours.

Best months: Apr to Dec

eagle rays