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Indonesia :: Rinca : Pillarsteen

This dive site is a rock pillar off the southeastern tip of the island of Padar which is located between Komodo and Rinca. Entry is best just off the point below the rock where a wall takes you round to the west where there are a number of caves and swimthroughs. The coral covered walls are teeming with invertebrates, a kaleidoscope of colour. In the shallow waters the wall ends and becomes a sloping reef, here are masses of gigantic soft brown leather corals. There are many bright yellow sea cucumbers (Holothurians) attached to most of the corals and red and purple fire urchins are common here. Fish life at this top notch dive site includes large schools of fusiliers, snappers, six banded angelfish and boxfish.


Depths: 5 - 40m

Viz: 10 - 30m

Currents: Can be strong

Getting there : Liveaboard

Best months: Sep to Jan

sea cucumber


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