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Indonesia :: Java

Java, the most populous island of the Indonesian archipelago, is one of active volcanic activity. The most famous one is Krakatoa to the west which offers some good dive spots. There are also several hundred off shore islands with good coral and marine life to be explored. The Ujung Kulon national park consists of Penietan Island and peninsula, and is home to many marvelous Javanese rainforest animals and surf beaches. Underwater also offers myriad marine life at this spot and at Pulau Seribu, a number of tiny islands that serve as a popular weekend destination from Jakarta.


Java at a glance

Accommodation : Resort/Bungalow

Highlights : Marine diversity, volcanic dive sites.

Average cost of a dive : $25

Dive Sites : 30+

Dive Operators : 15+

Getting there : Air/Sea from Singapore or Australia.

Rainy Season : November to March.


The map below is interactive so click on the dive site to get more details.


krakatoa ujung kulon pulau seribu karimunjawa