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Indonesia :: Flores

The long rugged island of Flores is not known internationally as a dive destination. However due to its geographic position at the junction of the Australasian and Asian submarine ridges and between the two distinct faunal regions marked by the Wallace line it yeilds some impressive marine life. The coral reefs of the Flores sea are amongst the oldest in the world and are mostly in pristine condition. They are recovering nicely from damage caused by the 1992 tsunami however their growth could be even quicker if the authorities took action against the dynamite fishing that is painfully common in the area. Maumere in the east is a real muck diving paradise, known for its endemic species and bio-diversity.

There are a number of lesser known spots such as Riung along the northern coastline of Flores that may soon develop into dive resorts of their own. At the moment though they are solely visited by liveaboards from Bali, Komodo or those originating in Maumere. Many of the dive sites here are frontier and uncharted.


Flores at a glance

Accommodation : Bungalow or Liveaboard

Highlights : Marine diversity, critters, frontier dive sites.

Average cost of a dive : $30

Dive Sites : 10+

Dive Operators : 2+

Getting there : Liveaboard.

Off Season : None


The map below is interactive so click on the dive site to get more details.

flores dive sites