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Malaysia :: Pulau Tiga

The Pulau Tiga Marine National Park has soared to world fame as 'Survivor Island' because of the popular million dollar prize money TV series 'Survivor' by the CBS TV network, USA. There are two more islands in the Pulau Tiga Park, approximately 20 minutes by boat to the north of the main island, Pulau Tiga. They are very different. Kalampunian Besar is a small sand cay built up from unconsolidated coral fragments, and the shape of the island shifts and changes with the prevailing monsoon winds and currents. Kalampunian Damit (also known as "Snake Island") is celebrated as a breeding ground for the amphibious sea snake Laticauda colubrina, which comes to the shores to lay eggs.

There are several shallow coral reef dive sites around the islands where marine life is abundant.


Depths: 10 - 25m

Viz: 5 - 20m

Currents: Occasional

Getting there : Boat 1 hour from mainland

Best months: Feb / Oct

Dive Sites : 5+

Average cost of a dive: $25