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Asia Dive News : ADEX comes to Singapore, 3-5 April 2009

Asia Dive Expo (ADEX), Asia's largest and longest running dive exhibition, will be held from 3-5 April 2009 at Suntec Singapore. For the first time, ADEX 2009 will include an Ocean Conference, Singapore’s largest marine conservation conference, featuring a stellar line-up of internationally-renowned experts who will share insights on pressing marine conservation issues.

Produced by TMX Show Productions, ADEX 2009 will showcase the latest in dive equipment, resorts and lifestyle products and will also offer vendors, retailers and tour operators opportunities for industry networking. In addition, the event aims to raise awareness of the marine ecosystem and to motivate people and organisations to contribute to environmental initiatives. ADEX 2009 also aims to reiterate the efforts of the Marine Roundtable in establishing Singapore as a coral sanctuary while promoting marine biodiversity.

ADEX 2009 will also focus on educating and inspiring not just divers, but the general public, especially students, to do their part in marine conservation. In line with the seemingly paradoxical theme, “Save the Sea, Be a Diver”, the event aims to attract students and the younger generation, in general, to take up the sport with hopes of rejuvenating the pool of divers. When their numbers grow, so will the urgency to preserve marine ecosystems and save the reefs in danger of becoming extinct as a result of destructive fishing, coastal development and climate change.

Next year’s event will also feature, for the second year running, EcoVillage @ ADEX, which aims to nurture students to get involved in the “save the marine eco-system” cause with activities such as seminars, film festivals, photography competitions and educational tours. In addition, an “ADEX Photographer of the Year” competition will be held.

Said Herman Ho, managing director, TMX Show Productions, “We are pleased to host the largest marine conservation conference ever held in Singapore as part of ADEX 2009. Never before has such a stellar line-up of internationally renowned experts convened to discuss the various aspects of the marine environment. We are confident that the topics discussed at the ADEX Ocean Conference will not only inspire marine enthusiasts but also the general public to adopt the ‘save the marine ecosystem’ cause.”

ADEX 2009 will feature more than 150 exhibiting companies and will also see increased participation from international NGOs. Over 11,000 trade and public visitors are expected to attend the three-day event.

Added Ho, “The increased number of organisations and NGOs involved in ADEX 2009 is a testament to the growing awareness of marine conservation. The dire state of our marine ecosystem has been realized by many, with many initiatives being put in place by organisations worldwide. However, future generations play a crucial role in protecting the marine environment, as such ADEX 2009 aims to educate and instil a sense of environmentalism in the young.”

The ADEX Ocean Conference
Held for the first time in ADEX’s history, the ADEX Ocean Conference will be Singapore’s largest marine conservation conference, targeted at conservationists, passionate divers, marine enthusiasts and underwater photographers. Nine renowned experts in the field of marine conservation including the famed explorer and National Geographic photographer, Emory Kristof, marine biologist and curator of the public aquariums in Singapore, Helen Newman, and multi-award winning photographic environmentalist, Neville Coleman, will discuss thought-provoking topics such as The Ocean in Perspective and Underwater Rainforests – the Challenges of Preserving Coral Reefs.

EcoVillage @ ADEX 2009
EcoVillage will be the setting for many green-themed events and highlights during ADEX 2009. With the aim of encouraging and engaging students to contribute to environmental initiatives, the EcoVillage at ADEX 2009 will present activities such as seminars and educational tours. The EcoVillage will feature the Environmental Quest Corridor which will provide eight global NGOs including WWF, Reefcheck Malaysia and Project Aware, with a platform to showcase their conservation efforts and increase their focus globally. Student groups will also present their efforts in protecting the marine environment.

Photographer of the Year Competition
A key event during ADEX, the Photographer of the Year Competition will see underwater photography enthusiasts from South Asia strive to capture the best of the colourful and spectacular marine environment, in an effort to share the beauty of nature and encourage preservation of this natural environment.

Source: Asia Dive Expo