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Malaysia :: Tioman Island

Tioman Island has been a holiday island for many years, it is very popular with locals, Singaporeans and international tourists. It is the largest island on the east coast of the Malay peninsular and has a vast array of resorts, hotels, beaches and natural parks. Similar to other islands along the east coast of Malaysia, Tioman is protected for conservation by the authorities. Diving here offers a wide range of sites from sheltered bays to volcanic rocky outcrops and pinnacles. The waters around Tioman also harbour several wrecks and a extensive array of marine life to satisfy any scuba diver.


Tioman at a glance

Accommodation : Resort

Highlights : Wrecks, range of dive sites.

Average cost of a dive : $20

Dive Sites : 15+

Dive Operators : 10+

Getting there : Boat from mainland 2 hours, air from Singapore, 55 minutes.

Off Season : Nov / Feb


The map below is interactive so click on the dive site to get more details.

tioman dive sites


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