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Malaysia :: tech : Seven Skies Wreck

One of the worlds first real supertankers, the 90000 ton, 262 meter long Swedish-built Seven Skies is another classic Asian dive site. In 1969, she suffered an explosion and sank east of Tioman Island, not far from Anambas Islands (Indonesia). She rests perfectly upright in 64 meters of water and the entire superstructure is intact, but tanker section has collapsed. As you descend, you will find the top of the funnel at 18-20 meters, the bridge and superstructure at 30 meters, and then various decks and structures to explore down to the main deck level at 45 meters. Main attractions include the bridge, the pool, the explosion damage and many easy swimthroughs and penetrations. Visibility is usually very good up 20 meters and can be up to 50 meters. Plenty of large fish and coral makes it an interesting dive. Manta Rays have often been spotted. Almost the entire superstructure is accessible by recreational divers and the deeper parts inside and outside the hull there is plenty to explore for technical divers as well.

GPS: 2o 38' N, 105o 13.5' E

With thanks to Eric from who provided info for this dive site.


Depth: 18 - 64m

Viz: 10 - 40m

Currents: Variable

Getting there : Boat from Tioman, 4 hours.

Best months: Apr to Sept

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