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Asia Dive News : Bio-rock reef generation projects online in Thailand

Construction of Thailand's most technically advanced coral regeneration projects has commenced at various sites in the Gulf of Thailand and can now be actively monitored via the internet by anyone with an internet connection.

Led by the President of the President: Global Coral Reef Alliance, local fisherman, village residents, TEAM BIOROCK have been assembling domes and spiral structures which are placed on the outskirts of the fringing reefs. Over time, the structures are populated with coral fragments and eventually a complete reef ecosystem will be created, attracting new corals and marine species alike.

The system used is that of “Mineral Accretion”, or the Biorock process, a new but proven method that uses low voltage direct current electricity to grow solid limestone rock structures in the sea and accelerate the growth of corals even under adverse conditions . The electrical current causes minerals that are naturally dissolved in seawater to precipitate and build up on a metal structure to form the most suitable substrate for coral growth.

With current sites in Koh Samui, Bang Makham, Silver Beach, Chaweang Beach, Koh Taen and Koh Tao the bio-rock reef generation projects are well established and thanks to Bio-Rock Technology Thailand can be viewed on-line. The on-line offering shows a wealth of information, photographs and specific site coral generation updates.

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