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Asia Dive News : Artifical reefs to lure divers to Thai islands

After successfully growing coral in PVC pipes around Koh Samet (Samet Island) in this eastern resort province, national park officials have begun growing coral in three other areas near Koh Samet in an attempt to persuade diving tourists to make Rayong their chosen destination.

Rayong national park chief Sitthichai Serisongsaeng said that provincial workers had experimented with growing coral in PVC pipes since 2005. The pipes were later placed between 4-5 metres under the sea around Koh Samet.
The coral grew between 20-30 centimetres with beautiful branches after being beneath  the sea for about a year, said Mr. Sitthichai.
Currently, provincial workers are growing coral in plastic piping at three other areas in the province's coastal waters, he said. Buoys are also placed where the coral was being grown under the sea to prevent damage from boats.

Mr. Sitthichai said he hoped Koh Samet could become a diving lovers' destination in future as the authorities  were putting effort into artificially growing coral around Ko Samet island, one of Thailand's most popular islands in Thailand.


Source: TNA