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Asia Dive News : Philippine scuba looter drowns in Subic Bay

MANILA, - A Philippine diver looter drowned in Subic Bay near the former US navy base north of Manila, when stealing valuable artifacts from the sunken warships, authority of the bay area said on Thursday 11th.

    The diver had attempted to reach the sunken battleship U.S.S. New York served in the second world war, according to Jose Calim, deputy administrator of Subic Bay metropolitan authority.

    He noted that the local patrol ship found a small boat carrying two diver looters, who were apprehended after a short chase.

    One of the divers escaped from the patrolmen and drowned due to his poor diving equipment, the authority said.

    The other diver was arrested, with his looted materials including scrap metals confiscated.

    The sunken U.S.S. New York has been attracting looters who steal artifacts, including copperwares and any other valuables they can sell for money.

Source: Xinhuanet