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Moon Wrasse ( Thalassoma lunare )

Adults are identified by the yellow lunate tail. Large males turn blue on the head that grades to green towards the tail. Body dark green to blue with vertical red to purplish red lines. Head green to blue with irregular pink to violet bands. Adults with large yellow crescent posteriorly in caudal fin and blue pectoral fins with a large elongate pink area distally. Juveniles with a large dark spot in middle of dorsal fin and a large diffuse black spot at base of caudal fin.

Occurs in the upper portions of lagoon and coastal reefs, and in protected seaward reefs. Usually found on upper portions of ledges and heads. Feeds mainly on small benthic invertebrates and fish eggs. A protogynous hermaphrodite.

Some of the Asian dive sites to find Moon wrasse:

Thailand | Malaysia | Indonesia

Scientific Information:

Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
Order: Perciformes (perch-like fish)
Family: Labridae
Scientific Name: Thalassoma lunare
Other Scientific Name(s): Labrus lunaris
Common Name: Lunare Wrasse
Other Common Names: Moon wrasse
Distribution: Indo-Pacific: Red Sea and East Africa to the Line Is., north to southern Japan, south to Lord Howe I. and northern New Zealand.