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Borneo Diving Offer by Asia Dive Holidays

Asia Dive Holidays offers special dive packages and resort accommodation to divers who want to encounter the amazing underwater aquatic life at the Coral Triangle. This exciting location in the Pacific ocean is home to about three-quarters of the all the species of marine organisms including more than 3,000 fish species and 600 reef-building corals. From the dive locations offered by Asia Diving Vacation, you can see whales, whale sharks, schools of barracuda, turtles, and seahorses. Here is a brief description of some of the dive locations, beautiful resorts and special deals you can enjoy through this company.

Dive Locations

Sipadan Island
This island is very popular among divers because of the diversity of aquatic creatures, well preserved reefs. and the depth of clear water. Frequently rated as one of the ten best diving spots on earth, Sipadan is located in the midst of the Celebes Sea, off the coast of Borneo in Malaysia.

The unique geography of this island and the visibility of up to 50 meters makes it a diver's haven. In fact. this is the only oceanic island in Malaysia that has its foundations in the sea bed rather than the continental shelf. Notable dive sites on Sipadan Island include the Sipadan Jetty/Drop-off, Turtle Cavern, Barracuda Point, and the colorful Mid-Reef.

Lankayan Island
This island is popular among big fish enthusiasts and muck divers. It is a relatively pristine island located about 80 km. north of the city of Sandakan. Divers can reach the island of Lankayan through a 90-minute ride on a speedboat. More than 20 dive spots surround this island including many ship wrecks and small coral reefs.

These sites offer you the opportunity to see a diversity of marine creatures from whale sharks to nudibranchs. Popular dive sites include the Moray Reef, Twin City, Mosquito Wreck, Mel's Rock, Froggie Fort, Lankayan Wreck, and Jawfish Lair. For additional information about this island you can visit


Sipadan Water Village Resort
This resort, built on ironwood stilts in the waters off Mabul Island, has a unique arrangement of over 40 beautifully designed guest cottages linked by flowered walkways to the dining facilities and unique dive center. With a brief 15-minute ride from the Sipadan island on a speedboat, you can get to this resort.

Lankayan Island Resort
Located in the Sulu Sea close, about 80 kilometers from the city of Sandakan, this pristine resort provides modern facilities that will enable you to relax after you have spent the day diving and exploring the coral reefs, which contain rare and beautiful creatures. This resort is the only one available on the Lankayan Island and it has 23 well designed chalets.

Avillion Layang Layang Island Resort
This pristine diving resort provides luxurious comfort for divers who come to the Layang Layang Island. Avillion is located within 300 kilometers from the northwestern side of Kota Kinabulu. Preserved from the adverse effects of modern civilization, Layang Layang which is only open between March and August provides breathtaking diving experiences.

Special Deals
Asia Dive Holidays provides special deals for divers who want to explore the wonders of the Coral Triangle. For instance, divers who are interested in enjoying a dive holiday at the Sipadan Island on the MV Celebes Explorer can enjoy a 50 percent discount when booking for a group of eight divers. The deal includes transport to the town of Semporna from the Tawau Airport as well as boat rides from Semporna town. It also provides three to four daily dives and well furnished accommodation in an air-conditioned cabin.

Asia Dive Holidays is run by divers who are passionate about providing the best diving experience for fellow divers. You can enjoy their professionally designed holiday dive packages that will enable you to explore some of the best dive sites and resorts located off the coast of Malaysia.