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Vietnam :: Nha Trang

Nha Trang is Vietnam's premier beach resort with a couple of kilometers of relatively pristine white beach and several hotels catering to both local and foreign tourists. For a country with such a long coastline it seems surprising that Nha Trang is the only diving hub along it. There are a couple of local islands off shore that offer some interesting diving possibilities and most dive operators here also run to the more remote loactions. Big animals are hard to find here (apart from the local morays) but the abundance of marine life makes fascinating diving. Nha Trang is more renowned for its vibrant nudibranchs and extensive coral biodiversity, over 350 species of coral can be found here.

There are several offshore islands but the majority of Nha Trang's scuba dive trips go to Hon Mun island.


Nha Trang at a glance

Geography : Beach resort

Accommodation : Hotel

Highlights : Good for learning to dive, macro organisms.

Average cost of a dive : $27

Dive Sites : 10+

Dive Operators : 5+

Getting there : Air from Saigon 1hr

Off Season : Nov / Jan

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