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Hong Kong :: Gruff Head

About the Dive Site
Gruff Head marks one end of the Tai Po Channel. It basically the end of a rocky peninsula that juts out into the sea. Even though the area is quite difficult to get to, it is well worth the effort.

There is a lot of undersea life scattered amongst the rocks and in the small rock crevices. Patches of live hard coral still can be seen in this area.

Hazards & Warnings
The normal warnings for diving in Hong Kong apply to this area.

This area can experience very strong tidal currents so it is a good idea to monitor the tide tables.

Since the Tai Po Harbour empties past this point, so area visibility can deteriorate rapidly.

Strong tidal currents are present in exposed areas.

This area is prone to being dynamite fished. Be very careful diving here around dawn.

Getting to Gruff Head
Gruff Head is the tip of the peninsula on the western side of Hoi Ha Wan (Jones Cove) and can only be dived from a boat. Small boats can be launched either from Wong Shek Pier or in the Tolo Harbour. If you plan to drive to the Wong Shek Pier, you will need to enter the Sai Kung Country Park. Refer to the General Information section regarding obtaining the necessary permit. During the summer months, you can hire a small motorized walla-walla from Wong Shek Pier to take you to this dive location.


Depths: 5 - 15m

Viz: 2 - 10m

Currents: Variable

Getting there : Private boat

Average cost of a dive: $20USD

Off season: none



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