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Hong Kong :: Aberdeen

Aberdeen's strait (between Ap Lei Chau and Hong Kong Island)

About the Dive Site
This site involves waters between 8-18 meters and is extremely varied. The strait hugs the Hong Kong Island landmass and is defined by the Ap Lei Chau island. At the Western end of the strait you what amounts to a major shipping lane and a heavily trafficked sea lane.

The site varies simply because there is a decent amount of area to drop anchor and dive; dependant on diver experience and equipment available. The underwater topography here offers multiple plateau's that offer decent dive locations at varying depths.

To locate and successfully navigate dive sites in this area of Hong Kong it is recommended that intermediate to advanced divers equipped with underwater diagnostic equipment to gauge and define the underwater environment prior to diving.

That being said, the dive sites here can offer diverse and sometimes hard to find aquatic life. Minimal hard corals and minor fish schools can be found in warmer months.

Sadly parts of this strait are somewhat polluted to varying levels. You will not find many fishing nets or other such hazards, but residual long term pollution is obvious. By the same token; how often do you have the opportunity to get an underwater photo of a diver on an upright, intact porcelain toilet?

This dive location, though certainly not the premiere dive location in Hong Kong is recommended for intermediate to advanced divers who plan on diving Hong Kong waters. For any diver seeking to understand the varying underwater ecology of Hong Kong, this is essential diving.

Hazards & Warnings
The normal warnings for diving in Hong Kong apply to this area.

This area is subject to tides and current flows coming from as far away as the Kowloon landmass and based on the prevailing winds and tides.

Furthermore, be advised that if you are diving on the Western end of the strait; that you are diving very near a major international shipping lane.


Depths: 10 - 18m

Viz: 2 - 10m

Currents: Variable

Getting there : Harbour boat

Average cost of a dive: $20USD

Off season: none



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