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Diving in Cambodia

Cambodia is largely unknown as a scuba diving destination however it can offer some pleasant surprises in its waters. With such a short coastline and one major resort town it stands to reason that all of Cambodia's diving is done from Sihanoukville. There are a number diving areas from inner islands to outer islands, reefs and rocky outcrops. Underwater terrain and marine life is comparable to the Gulf of Thailand but with the distinct advantage of not having previously been dived thousands of times. Local operators are still discovering new dive sites and the waters of Cambodia are true virgin scuba territory.


Cambodia at a glance

Religion: Predominantly Buddhist

Population: 13 million

Currency: Riel (US dollars widely accepted)

Geography: 181,000 sqm
Coastline: 443km

Language: Khmer (little English spoken)

Travel: Major airport at Phnom Penh.

Diving: Uncharted and virgin dive spots, viz and marine life comparable to the Gulf of Thailand.


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