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Thailand :: Krabi

Krabi offers more than just spectacular scenery above the surface, go below and you'll find an abundance of marine life awaits. Although some dive sites have suffered recent tsunami damage the deeper waters remain relatively intact. Krabi can serve as a good base to explore the smaller local offshore islands or go further afield to Koh Phi Phi. Most of the local dive operators are located at Ao Nang, a coastal resort around 30 minutes drive from Krabi town.


Krabi at a glance

Geography : Southern provincial capital

Accommodation : Krabi Hotels

Highlights : Striking landscape, accessibility to further islands

Average cost of a dive : $22

Dive Sites : 5+

Dive Operators : 10+

Getting there : Road from Phuket Airport 2 hours.

Off Season : July / Sept

krabi diving

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krabi dive sites


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