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Diving in Micronesia

Micronesia is a group of over 2,000 small islands, dotted over an area of some 3 million square miles in the Western Pacific. They lie just north of The Equator, 5,150 kms southwest of Honolulu and about three-quarters of the way between Hawaii and Indonesia.The distance between the most westerly and easterly islands is 2,040 nautical miles.

The Federated States of Micronesia is a group of self-governing islands within the overall region that splits into four states - Kosrae, Pohnpei (formerly Ponape), Chuuk (formerly Truk) and Yap. In addition, there are four other island groups, Guam, The Marshall Islands, The Marianas and The Republic of Palau (Belau) that make up a total of eight distinct areas.

The whole region succeeds in harmonising both the traditional ways of life with the new and each group of islands has its own distinct characteristics and "feel".

The diversity of diving makes the area one of the best in the world. Drop-offs are spectacular, and coral formations breathtaking. Marine life, including the usual tropical species and larger pelagics, is diverse and profuse. Following heavy naval engagements in WW2, the wreck diving around Chuuk is superb.

In short, Micronesia is a diver's paradise. Palau, Guam, Chuuk and Yap already have well-established dive infrastructures, while the other groups are quickly following suit. The remoteness of these islands ensures that their natural beauty has been retained and the adventurous diver will be well rewarded by the effort of getting there.

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Micronesia at a glance

Religion: Christian - Roman Catholic and Prostestant

Population: 150,000

Currency: US Dollar

Geography: 3 million sqm
Coastline: 6,112 km

Language: English, various indigenous

Travel: Internation flights from Honolulu, Australia, Japan and Manila. Local flights and sea travel

Diving: Viz can be upto 50 metres, depths to over 2km. Marine life includes most common indo-pacific species.

micronesia dive sites

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