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Burma :: Burma Banks

The Burma Banks are a series of submerged sea mounts in remote waters around 180km northwest of the Similans. Their name derives from the fact that they lie within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Burma. While there is good hard coral growth here, this is not the main attraction, big animals are what divers are looking for when they travel this far out into the ocean. Waters surrounding the Banks drop to 350 metres deep and they are considered one of the best places in the world to dive with sharks. With local populations of silvertip and nurse sharks that are not afraid of divers sightings are pretty much guaraunteed.

Drift diving is very popular here as currents can be strong and unpredictable. As it is oceanic diving and very remote dive operators are often stricter on their safety procedures.


Burma Banks at a glance

Geography : Submerged oceanic peaks

Accommodation : Liveabaord

Highlights : Remoteness, diving with sharks, drift diving.

Average cost of a dive : liveaboard only

Currents : Can be strong

Viz : Upto 45m

Off Season : July / Aug

burma banks


burma banks